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Welcome to The Foundation Phase

We want all of our children to be happy at school, and enjoy a caring, well ordered and stimulating environment.  We are fortunate in having experienced, well qualified staff and the invaluable support of our school community.

We look forward to working with you for the benefit of the children.

“School life can be fun for parents and children!”

Here's some information about the order of the year in the Foundation Phase:


If your child is absent please phone the school or send in an explanatory note once they have returned. Any parent not doing so will result in that child being marked down as absent without permission. If your child is unwell during school hours we will make every endeavour to contact you.

School Uniform

We ask the children to wear formal school uniform. School uniforms can be ordered through the school. It is also possible to download an order form from the website. We strongly recommend that you label your child's uniform.

P.E Lessons

Your child will need black shorts and a white t-shirt and will keep the P.E. kit in school for half a term. (Remember to put your child's name on all clothing) The class teacher will inform you of the days your child will be doing P.E. For safety reasons children will not be allowed to wear any jewellery during P.E. lessons. Children will be asked to remove any jewellery themselves. Teachers will not be responsible for the removal of jewellery and will not allow a child wearing jewellery to take part in the P.E lesson.


We set homework periodically to reinforce the work presented to the children in the class. It is a good way for you as parents to know what your child is doing in school.


As a school we value your role in the development of your child's reading and glad that you realize that your input can make a huge difference to your child's success. In order to continue to develop your child's reading skills in school he/she will read on a daily basis from now on, and will bring home a reading book over the weekend and return it to school each Monday. Remember to use the logbook weekly.

If you would like to purchase a reading bag with ‘Ysgol y Castell’ logo to keep everything  organized please enclose £4.00 in an envelope with your child's name and class on it.

If a reading book is lost in the house during the term we kindly ask you to pay £5 to the cost of the book. If the logbook goes missing we ask you to pay £1 for a new one.

Birthday Cake

Many children like to bring cakes to share on the occasion of their birthday. If you want to do this in the future we ask you to provide individual cakes purchased from a shop rather than one big cake.


Each morning there will be an opportunity for your child to eat fruit at   playtime. It shall be possible for your child to buy fruit from the fruit tuck shop for £ 1.00 per week or 20p per day or to bring fruit from home. (Remember to put your child's name on their fruit pots)

Packed Lunch

Your child is encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy during lunchtime. Please ensure that nutritious food is in your child's packed lunch box, eg sandwiches (not chocolate), wraps, pasta, vegetables, fruit, yogurt, and one treat (no sweets). They are welcome to bring water, flavoured water or juice to drink with their sandwiches.  Nuts are not allowed in lunchboxes due to allergies.

Water Bottles

Remember water is needed by your child on a daily basis. Drinking water feeds the brain. (Remember to put your child's name on the water bottle)

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Marie Evans

(Foundation Phase Leader)