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Collective Worship

School assemblies are an ideal opportunity for staff and pupils alike to come together to sing and listen to various stories of moral or religious meaning. The assemblies give the children opportunities to reflect on their actions as they grow as active citizens within the school community.

Though the school is not affiliated to a particular religious denomination, the children partake in daily collective worship an assembly (either as a class, department or whole school) that is mainly Christian. There are however opportunities to discuss other world-wide religions and creeds.

If any parent would choose to exclude his/her child from school assemblies the head would need to be informed in writing.

Monday:  Key Stage 2 assembly / Devotion for Foundation Phase pupils

Tuesday: Collective worship in class.

Wednesday: Foundation Phase Assembly / Junior classes have an assembly in their class.

Thursday: Key Stage 2 / Foundation Phase classes have an assembly in their class. 

Friday: Whole School Assembly performed by a class or Head Teacher. 

"Clod Arbennig' is given to an individual or group from every class during this assembly to celebrate work, behavior and dedication to school life.