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Music at Ysgol y Castell


As you all know we have talented performers in Ysgol y Castell. As we are keen to encourage performance opportunities outside of formal lessons, there will be an opportunity for children who receive instrumental lessons in school with the following:

Mr. Graham Dyer: Woodwind
Mrs. Charlotte Horton: Violin
Miss Catherine Rhys Peak: Harp

to perform in the school assembly on a Tuesday morning. We would also like to invite those pupils who receive musical lessons outside of school to take part.

A timetable has been created so that you will know when your child will be performing. This will be a good excuse to nag them to practise over the weekend! After their performance they will be presented with a certificate by Mrs Nuttall to note the occasion and the camp of performing in public.

Music for all

All Key Stage 2 pupils receive a block of weekly lessons for one term to learn to play an instrument and develop a love of music.

Year 3 and 4 pupils learn to play the recorder, while Year 5 and 6 pupils play the ukulele.  This provision is partly funded through the Pupil Deprivation Grant.


As a result of fabulous performances by the school choir in the past we are invited frequently to perform in concerts etc. Details of concerts and a copy of consent forms will be on the website.