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Games for the Junior Department


BBC website- Tacteg (Help when writing stories, diaries etc in Welsh)) 

Cynnal (Welsh - book reviews, puzzles etc)

Planed Plant

Awen (a variety of games) 

Sherston (have lots of fun playing these games)

Crickweb (excellent language resources) 

Ngfl (Welsh writing frames) 


BBC website (Bitesize maths) 

Another bbc maths website 

Skoolzone (you can buy maths books and various resources)

Timetoteach (downloadable maths worksheets)

Teachingtime (interactive games to help your child with telling the time)

Primarygames (more interactive gamesl)

Learn your Times Tables (game) 


Tacteg - a BBC website

The Earth and Beyond 


Kidsclick (on-line encyclopedia)

Crickweb (fun and games)