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Healthy Schools

Our pupils are aware of the fact that they need to have a healthy life-style. Because of this, the School Council and Eco Council have the responsibility of discussing various topics concerning the pupils' health and the school environment. The children are encouraged to drink water and eat healthily. They receive stickers from midday staff to show their parents that they have eaten vegetables at lunchtime. Katie Croc enjoys visiting our school at lunchtimes. We also sell fruit daily from our ‘Fruit Tuck Shop'.

Year 6 pupils are trained every year by the ‘NSPCC' to be ‘Ffrindiau Ffantastig' (Fantastic Friends) during the lunch hour. Therefore, they are responsible for leading the play on the yard along with the midday staff who have also received training.

Various clubs are held by staff members during the week to encourage healthy living. We are very fortunate to have staff members who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we maintain the high standard in our healthy school