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Welcome to the Key Stage 2 Department

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to your child to the Key Stage 2 department.  It is a giant step for your child to move from year two to year three and the requirements are quite a bit more demanding on the child. They will need plenty of support during the first weeks of the new term and don't be surprised if your child is a little more tired than usual when returning home from school. They have a lot of new information to take in but as teachers we are committed to help them settle in and feel at home as soon as possible. We must remember that education is a partnership between you as parents, the child and teachers. Many things will be different - having formal English lessons for the first time, playing on a different yard and having dinner at a different time. However, many things will remain exactly the same!  We want your child to enjoy his / her time in the Juniors.


If your child is absent please phone the school or send in an explanatory note once they have returned. Any parent not doing so will result in that child being marked down as absent without permission. If your child is unwell during school hours we will make every endeavour to contact you.

School uniform

School uniforms can be ordered through the school. It is also possible to download an order form from the website. We strongly recommend that you label your child's uniform.

Physical Education lessons

Your child will need to bring in appropriate clothing e.g. trainers and tracksuit on the days he/she will be doing P.E. These can be kept in their bags during the course of the day. The class teacher will inform you of the days your child will be doing P.E. For safety reasons children will not be allowed to wear any jewellery during P.E. lessons. Children will be asked to remove any jewellery themselves or to cover any earrings with Elastoplasts. Teachers will not be responsible for the removal of jewellery and will not allow a child wearing jewellery to take part in the P.E lesson.


Homework will be given on Thursdays for the Junior Department.  It will need to be returned on the following Monday.

C Evans-Lugg

Head of the Junior Department.