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Nant Caiach - Reception

Teacher: Miss Davies

PE Lessons: Thursday (black shorts and white t-shirt in a bag to be kept in school for half a term - remember to label everything- no shoes needed)

Homework: Homework will be set periodically to reinforce the work presented to the children in the class. It is a good way for you as parents to know what your child is doing in school.

Water is needed by your child on a daily basis. Drinking water feeds the brain.

Venture- When I grow up

This project focuses on people who help us and the industries around us. The children will experience a variety of stories, activities and visits from people in the community. We will encourage the children to ask questions and role play to developing an understanding of what each person does as part of their job. There will be a big focus on the development of oracy and wellbeingb while discussing safety and what to do in different situations e.g. road safety.

Pupils are keen to learn about:

  • The Lolipop Person
  • The Post person
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Vets
  • Fire Officers
  • The police
  • Dentist
  • Lifeguards

We will also focus on:

• Phonics development through Tric a Chlic

• Record their thoughts and feelings through drawing, mark making and early writing 

• Retell traditional tales through play and talks

• Use their creative skills to design, make and talk about a variety of objects and artefacts related to the theme

• Use Welsh language words and phrases across a range of experiences in the indoor and outdoor environment.


  • Use objects to add and subtract within 20 and read and record sums
  • Count and read numbers up to 20
  • Doubling and halving facts up to 10
  • Compare and order numbers
  • Language Size - long / short / tall / narrow / wide / thick / thin
  • Patterns and symmetry
  • 2D and 3D shapes


** We welcome expertise from learners' families to enrich the learning by leading or organizing school activities / workshops.

** Thank you for your co-operation.