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Nant y Pandy - Reception

Teacher: Miss S Griffiths

Teaching assistant - Miss K Price

PE Lessons: Wednesday (black shorts, black shirt and white trainers)

Homework: Homework will be set periodically to reinforce the work presented to the children in the class. It is a good way for you as parents to know what your child is doing in school.

Water is needed by your child on a daily basis. Drinking water feeds the brain.


Theme: When I fall asleep (first half term)

Project Overview

This project will focus on Knowledge and Understanding of the World and allows children to explore 'after dark' including discovery of the moon, the stars, nocturnal animals and customs at the end of the day. We will provide opportunities for children to explore and experience the natural world in the dark. We will develop project ideas and take into account the interests of the children. We will encourage the children to think creatively and critically. apply their experience, skills and understanding when discovering a 'shooting star' on the school grounds.

In this project, children will learn about:

their bedtime rituals.

the moon and the stars and how the sky changes at night.

sources of light, and that darkness is the absence of light.

nocturnal animals such as owls, bats and foxes, including where they live and how they behave.


simple nursery rhymes and lullabies.

being safe and feeling safe at night.

writing, drawing and early writing.

the Welsh language and using words and phrases in a wide range of experiences in an indoor and outdoor environment.


Theme: Paws, Claws and Whiskers (second half of term)

Project Overview


This project focuses on Creative Development and enables children to develop their artistic skills and ideas using a range of expressive and creative processes when exploring the world of domestic cats and  big cats. We will develop project ideas and take into account the interests of the children. We encourage the children to think creatively, applying their previous experiences, skills and understanding when thinking about ways to care for a cat that is missing.

In this project the children will learn about:

animals that are part of the family of cats include domestic cats and large cats.

habitats in the home and in the wild.

cats body parts.

care for animals, including organizations and charities that provide animal welfare.

how to create using 3D modeling materials.

how to record their ideas and creativity in both two and three dimensional forms.

how to organize a movement to sounds and music.

various charitable organizations that care for animals.

mark making, drawing and early writing.

Welsh language using words and phrases over a range of experiences in the environment both indoors and outdoors.


Language Development:

We will use games, rhymes and themed books to develop:

verbal skills

listening skills

reading skills

writing skills

We will revise the letters of the alphabet (Tric a Chlic) on a daily basis in terms of recognition and formation.


Mathematical Development:

We will use number games and rhymes to:

form numbers 1 – 10

recite number sequences forwards and backwards to 10

read and write numbers to 10

compare and order numbers to 10

count reliably up to 10 objects

copy and create 2/3 colour patterns

recognise and name 2D and 3D shapes