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Nant Caiach - Reception

Teacher: Miss R. Davies

Teaching Assistant: Miss C. Hewer / Miss N. Waters

PE Lessons: Thursday (labelled black shorts and white t-shirt in a P.E. bag to be kept in school for half a term) this will not be needed until January.

Homework: a grid including homework options for you to choose will be sent at the beginning of every term.  Please send into class with your child when completed or tweet pictures using #GCNYA

Our theme this term is:

The Time Machine

Children will be leading their own learning and therefore have contributed their own ideas into our class mind map.


Tedi Teithio (The travelling Teddy) will introduce and inspire the children to work on the following topics:

  • My family and I.

  • Past / present / future.

  • Homes over time.

  • Materials and their properties.

  • The seasons (Autumn and Winter).

  •  A range of different celebrations including Harvest, Bonfire night, Christmas.

  •  Christmas Traditions over the years. 

    *A clear emphasis will be put on giving them a basic and wider Welsh vocabulary and getting them to enjoy communicating and playing through the medium of Welsh. 

     Please see Literacy and Numeracy framework on the school website for a detailed outlook of the skills that will be covered. 


Homework – Autumn Term 2019 - Reception

This term our theme is based on Delicious. We would like you to take ownership of your homework over the next Half Term. Below is a table from which you can choose tasks. You should complete one language, one maths and one creative task during the Half Term, completing one task every two weeks. 

You can complete more than three tasks should you wish but we only expect three to be submitted, you can also use the ‘Homework’ tab on the school website should you wish to do any extra spelling or maths homework.

 Nant yr Aber: Please Tweet any pictures with #GwaithCartrefNYA

Nant Caiach: Please Tweet any pictures with #GwaithCartrefNC

*Please don’t tweet your child’s name with their picture.



Creative Task 

  • Choose a game from the Tric a Chlic home link pack on the website.  

  • Write your name in different ways e.g cut out letters from magazines, write in mud, use foam letters in the bath.

• Practise the formation of numbers, following the correct formation in a variety of media e.g. paint, felt pens, in foam shaving etc.
• Look for numbers in the environment.
• Cut numbers out of magazines / newspapers and place them in the correct order.
• Find shapes in the environment e.g. car wheel-circle.

Create a face-shaped pizza.
• Create a family tree
• Research in to your family history. Who’s who?