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The Blitz

The project will concentrate mainly on the historical events and sequences of the Second World War and will teach the children why the war happened and its effect on people’s lives, particularly a child in Germany and other famous people from the period .

P.E. – Thursday.

Welsh - We will be studying ‘The Blits’  by Eigra Lewis Roberts and focusing on spelling, punctuation, improve and extend sentences, as well as writing in a variety of genres e.g. soliloquy

English  -  We will be studying ‘Rose Blanche’  by Ian McEwan and focusing on diary writing and  developing our reading skills (literal comprehension,  inference, deduction and expressing an opinion, giving reasons also).

Science - Parachute Investigation

Reading - we will be reading Welsh / English alternate weeks, focussing on improving fluency, confidence and reading comprehension skills (as above).

Mathematics - Number work on the four operations  ( + - x a ÷)  Problem solving, reasoning, data handling, rounding up/down and place value.

Web Games 

Rounding up  -

Place Value  -

Sounds of the second world war



Arandora Star -


Mrs C Evans Lugg, Mr G Hughes & Mr A Jones.