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Welcome to Nant Cwm Bedw

Homework will be given on a Thursday and returned by Monday please.

P.E.-  Monday and Wednesday

Our theme this half term will be:

Blood Heart

This project focuses on science and encourages the children to think about their health and bodies During this project children will have the opportunity to write a soliloquy and explanation in Welsh and a description and autobiography/biography in English. In addition to this our Science work will focus on the human body. Our theme will continue throughout the term until Easter.


In Welsh we will be studying various soliloquies by both children and adults.

In English we will be studying ‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Mallorie Blackman.

Pupils will have the opportunity to write in different forms i.e. soliloquy, explanation, description and autobiography/biography.

There will be speaking and listening opportunities for the children to explore different themes and ideas, visual, audio and electronic activities and also written tasks. Pupils will have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs and in groups.

There will be ample opportunity for pupils to develop their reading skills during this theme.


We will be reinforcing our understanding of the four operations whilst solving a variety of problems related to area and perimeter, weights and measures, time, fractions, percentages, ratios and money. Pupils will use addition to calculate perimeters and multiplication to calculate areas. The will add and subtract units of weight, measures, time and money. Pupils will also multiply and divide by 10, 100 and a 1000 in order to convert units of weight and measures.  During some sessions pupils will have the opportunity to confidently use calculators.

We will be using ICT to reinforce and develop the pupils' skills within the Digital Compentacy Framework accross the curriculum. We will also be making the children aware of the Welsh Language Charter through activities in the classroom and beyond.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs C Evans Lugg, Mr A Hill, Mr G L Hughes.