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Welcome to Nant Gwyddon

Miss Millard and Miss Williams

General information
P.E lessons will be on Tuesday and the children will need to bring black shorts and a white t-shirt. They are welcome to keep their kit in school and bring it home at half term.

We encourage independence in year 2 and therefore expect the children to take responsibility for their belongings. In order to do this please ensure that all items of clothing are labelled.

Homework will be set periodically to reinforce the work presented to the children in class. It is a good way for you as parents to know what your child is doing in school.

Your child will need to return their reading book every Monday morning as we read daily with the children.

Diolch yn fawr.

This project focuses on the design and technology and teaches children how to make cards and books using simple mechanisms and a range of different materials. Children learn how to write and retell traditional fairy tales. We will focus mainly on Rala Rwdins stories, and learning skills involving the use of verbs and pronouns in their own written work. They will have the opportunity to apply their skills and understanding by designing, producing and writing. They will also be able to research and experiment in the role play area; Ogof Tan Domen

In this project, children will learn:
• How to describe and select appropriate materials for the task;
• How to make joints, moving parts and mechanisms;
• How to design a product suitable for the user;
• How to write a formal invitation;
• How to sequence and retell traditional traditional Rala Rwdins stories;
• How to download digital photos and use email.