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 Welcome to Nant Felen

P.E.- Every Wednesday

Spelling Test - every Thursday morning

Trip - Cardiff Castle - World War 2 workshops   17/9/18

Parents Evening Presentation 19/09/2018:



Changes to Homework tasks – Autumn Term 2018

This term our theme is based on The Blitz. We would like you to take ownership of your homework over the next Half Term. Below is a table from which you can choose tasks. You should complete one language, one maths and one creative task during the Half Term, completing one task every two weeks.

You can complete the three tasks in any order and your work needs to be submitted by the following dates:  Task 1: by 05/10/18,  Task 2: by 19/10/18, Task 3: on Monday 05/11/18.

You can complete more than three tasks should you wish but we only expect three to be submitted, you can also use the ‘Homework’ tab on the school website should you wish to do any extra spelling or maths homework



Iaith / Language





Dyddiadur ifaciwi, plentyn neu filwr yn ystod Ail-Ryfel Byd/ Diary of an evacuee, child or soldier during WW2.


Llunio llinell amser Ail Rhyfel Byd / Create a WW2 timeline.

Creu cardiau ‘Top Trumps’ o awyrennau neu longau / Create a set of ‘Top Trumps’ featuring war planes or ships.


Cerdd Blits / Poetry on Blitz

Ymchwilio i lyfrau dogni gan greu rysait/bwydlen i’ch teulu chi./ Research the use of ration books and rationing and create a recipe / menu for your family.

Dylunio poster propaganda / Create a propaganda poster.



*Ymchwilio am wybodaeth ar yr Ail-Ryfel Byd i’w gyflwyno mewn cyflwyniad llafar Saesneg. Research for information on an aspect of WW2 to be presented in an oral presentation in English.


Casglu data am ddynion Caerffili bu farw (ymweld â cholofn gôf Caerffili) / Collect data with regards to local men who lost their lives in WW2 (visit cenotaph in Caerphilly)


Ymweld ag amgueddfa y 40au yn Abertawe a thrydarwch lun. / Visit the war museum in Swansea and tweet a photo #gcnyc5 or #gcnf5



Llythyr diolch i Gastell Caerdydd / Letter of thanks to Cardiff Castle.


Ymchwilio i werth arian y cyfnod a chyfrifwch i beth mae’n cyfateb nawr. / Research the value of money during WW2 and how it differs from today.


Gwrandwch a rhestrwch gerddoriaeth o’r 1940au / Listen to and list a variety of music from the 1940’s


Ffeil o ffeithiau am yr Ail Ryfel Byd / Fact file on WW2.

Ymchwilio i’r gwledydd oedd yn rhan o’r Ail-Ryfel Byd a dyluniwch eu baneri gan ddangos cymesuredd / Research the flags of the countries that were involved in WW2 and show their lines of symmetry.

Map o ddinasoedd a fomiwyd yn ystod y Blits ym Mhrydain neu yng Nghymru / Create and plot on a map the cities bombed during the Blitz in Wales or UK.




The Blitz

The project will concentrate mainly on the historical events and sequences of the Second World War and will teach the children why the war happened and its effect on people’s lives, espeially children. The children will learn about the ‘Blitz’ in Swansea and the after effects of the disaster.

Welsh - We will be studying the novel  "Sais ydy o Miss!" and focussing on learning how to write a script.

English  - spelling, punctuation, improve and extend sentences, as well as writing in a variety of genres e.g. letters, diaries, news paper reports and poetry.

Reading - we will be reading Welsh / English alternate weeks, focussing on improving fluency, confidence
and reading comprehension skills. 

Mathematics - Number work on the four operations  ( + - x a ÷)  Problem solving, reasoning, data handling, rounding up/down and place value.

Web Games 

Rounding up  -

Place Value  -

Sounds of the second world war



Arandora Star -



This project has a science focus and teaches children about the changing state of materials including solids, liquids and gases. At the heart of this project children write autobiographies and biographies of famous scientists and develop additional skills in recording investigations and fair tests using scientific formats and vocabulary. In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by creating their own products to sell in the gift shop ‘Potions’ using what they have learnt about materials and their changing properties.

In this project the children will learn:

About processes which change the state of a range of materials

including freezing, melting, boiling, drying, dissolving and burning;

How materials can be separated by filtering and sieving

How we use these processes in our everyday lives;

How to carry out fair tests and investigations;

About the features of autobiographical and biographical writing

and how to use these to write about themselves and others;

How to carry out tests and investigations safely and with attention to detail;

How to use maths including measures and money in a real life context.


Mr Hill