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Welcome to Nant Gwyddon

Mrs Davies / Miss Milard a Miss Williams

General information

P.E lessons will be on Tuesday and the children will need to bring black shorts and a white t-shirts. The children will bring their kit home at the end of every half term. Your child does not need trainers this term as we will be doing dance. We encourage the children to become more independent in year 2 so in order to help them please ensure that all items of clothing are labelled. If your child usually wears stud earnings please ensure that they are taken out on Tuesday in order for your child to be able to participate.

Homework will be set periodically to reinforce the work presented to the children in class. It is a good way for you as parents to know what your child is doing in school. The tasks will vary and will sometimes have a more practical focus. Please help them complete these tasks in order for them to be able to reach their potential during this important year.

Your child will bring their reading book home every Friday and it will need to be returned every Monday morning please as we read daily with the children. Please write your comments in the green record book on a weekly basis.

Please remember to send in a bottle of water with your child, it is important that they stay rehydrated in order to be able to do their best in the classroom. There is a fruit shop in school too, so your child can pay £1 at the beginning of the week or bring 20p every day for a piece of fruit.

We encourage independence in year 2 and therefore expect the children to take responsibility for their belongings. In order to do this please ensure that all items of clothing are labelled.

Thank you very much

Our theme

Our theme for this term will be ‘Our Big Wide World’

This project has a geography focus and teaches children about the geographical and human features of their local community. At the heart of this project children write a range of instructions and directions using maps and first-hand experience. In addition they develop skills using the language of position and direction..

In this project the children will learn:

• How to use and make maps and plans;

• About the geographical and human features of their own communities;

• About important people who help them in their local community;

• How to follow instructions and directions;

This project also has a geography focus and teaches children about a contrasting location overseas and how it may have similarities and differences to the place in which they live. At the heart of this project children learn to write simple reports and learn additional skills of sentence writing and explanation.

• To use geographical and research skills;

• To find out about their locality and a contrasting locality overseas;

• To compare factors such as weather, geographical features, population and lifestyle;

• To use ICT and other skills to collect and store information including maps and data;

• To present information in a variety of ways, including ICT.