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Welcome to Nant Owen's page 

Year 4

2018 Autum term


Class Teacher : Miss Griffiths

Physical Education lesson - Tuesday

Homework - The homework tasks will be distributed every Thursday, for return on Monday, please. If there is a specific reason why homework can not be completed, we kindly ask for a letter of explanation.

Reading Books -  a reading book will be sent home weekly (alternating between Welsh and English) We will be changing the books during the week, therefore it is expected that your child should bring the book to the school daily.

Spelling Packs.  It is expected that your child will practice one page every weekend.

Our Theme this term will be

The Celts.

This project has a history focus and teaches children about The Iron Age Celts from c. 600 BC - 50 AD and how over the 500 or so years leading up to the first Roman invasion a Celtic culture established itself throughout Wales. At the heart of this project children read, re-tell and write Celtic myths and legends and create their own in the style of the Celtic storytellers. Children also learn additional skills of recording and recounting historical information using a range of historical source materials.


In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by planning and organising a Celtic Druid ceremony to decide the next village chief.

In this project the children will learn

• About the chronological order of Celtic history including significant events and historical figures; 

• About the everyday lives of the Celts including important aspects of their lives including war, farming, homes and the role of women and children;

• About the values and beliefs of the Celts including the roles of Druids, Gods and Goddesses’; 

• About features of myths and legends and how to write their own;

• How to use a range of historical source material for enquiry;

• About the role of Celtic craftspeople and the importance of pattern in the Celtic culture;

• How to use shape, pattern and symmetry in maths and art and design.


SPELLINGS - SET A - Weeks 1-6

Set A 1


SPELLINGS - SET B - Weeks 1-6

Set B 1