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Welcome to Nant y Calch

Homework – Spring Term 2019 – Year 5

This term our theme is Blue, Blue Planet. Below is a table from which you can choose tasks. You should complete one language, one maths and one creative task during the Half Term, completing one task every two weeks.

You can complete the three tasks in any order and your work needs to be submitted on the following dates:  Task 1: by 29/01/19,  Task 2: by 11/02/19,  Task 3: on Monday 04/03/19.

You can complete more than three tasks should you wish but we only expect three to be submitted, you can also use the ‘Homework’ tab on the school website should you wish to do any extra maths homework. Please remember to submit homework that is neat and of a high standard using a file is possible.







Write a letter to the council encouraging them to improve the overuse of plastic in our area


Keep a record of everything that is recycled in your house during a week and plot a bar graph to show the data.



Create a model of something out of recyclables




Write a poem ‘The Sea’.

Investigate Oceans of the World stating number facts.


Create a poster that encourages people to recycle.



Watch one Blue Planet program on BBC IPlayer and write notes of what it's about


Collect data about the different  types of animals that live in the ocean.


Sketch/draw/photograph at the seaside / Rhymney river / Caerphilly Castle  (using pencil paper and colours or digital camera)



Write a letter of thanks to Techniquest


Research and arrange the seas of the world from the largest to the smallest in terms of area.


On a nice day, take a walk along the coast of Wales or in the country and tweet a picture.


Film yourself giving  a news report about the impact of plastic at sea.

Investigate the cost of traveling to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia if you fly from London and stay in a hotel there for a week

Think of a creative way to re-use plastic and come and share it with the class


P.E. lessons 
 - Every Wednesday

Important dates -

16/1/19 - Caerphilly Mountain Litterpick (wear a warm coat and suitable footwear)

Pearents' Evening  -   22 + 24 / 1/19

INSET Day - 25/1/19 


Our theme for the Spring term is ...

Blue Planet

Image result for polluted earth

This theme is very contemporary and raises children's awareness of global warming, pollution and plastic problems in the sea. Pupils will have the opportunity to do voluntary work in the community and tidy up the local area. They will be given the opportunity to create a news report using their ICT skills. In addition, they will write letters and a soliloquy.

Mathematics - 
Continure to revise work on the 4 operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Resolve mathematical questions within word problems.
Reasoning skills. 
Time- analogue clock and 24 digital, solve questions using timetables.
Fractions, percentages and decimals. To be able to crrespond the 3 - e..g 25% - 0.25 - 1/4
Data handling work

After half term our theme will be..


Image result for potions

This project has a science focus and teaches children about the changing state of materials including solids, liquids and gases. At the heart of this project children write autobiographies and biographies of famous scientists and develop additional skills in recording investigations and fair tests using scientific formats and vocabulary. In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by creating their own products to sell in the gift shop ‘Potions’ using what they have learnt about materials and their changing properties.

In this project the children will learn:

About processes which change the state of a range of materials

including freezing, melting, boiling, drying, dissolving and burning;

How materials can be separated by filtering and sieving

How we use these processes in our everyday lives;

How to carry out fair tests and investigations;

About the features of autobiographical and biographical writing

and how to use these to write about themselves and others;

How to carry out tests and investigations safely and with attention to detail;

How to use maths including measures and money in a real life context.

Thank you for your co-operation


**We welcome the expertise of families to enrich the learning of our pupils. Please contact us if can can assist in arranging activities / workshops for school.**

Mrs Griffiths and Mr Hil