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School Inspection Report 

Estyn are agents for Her Majesty's Chief Inspector for Education and Training in Wales. Estyn hold inspections of nursery and primary schools.

Ysgol y Castell was last inspected in October 2016. A full copy of the inspection report is available on our Policy page or ESTYN'S website.

Here are some quotes from the inspection report...

"The school is a happy and extremely caring community where the pupils feel safe".

"Most pupils develop to communicate in Welsh soon after they start school".

 "The school works very effectively in a good range of beneficial partnerships that extend pupils' learning experiences and wellbeing very successfully".

"Parents' commitment to supporting the school is a strong feature".

"The headteacher has created a supporting environment in which pupils and staff feel that they are valued.  As a result, there is an ethos of close cooperation for the benefit of pupils".

"Health and fitness are promoted daily through a variety of lunchtime and extra-curricular clubs.  This also contributes to good behaviour".